Programmatically adding documents to a document set sharepoint 2010

In continuation with the previous post about how to create a document sets programmatically, here i will post a little code snippet for adding a document to this document set that we just created in our previous post.
For this example i am adding a file to our custom document set which already exists on SharePoint server. You can however, use the file upload control to browse and add a file to your docuemntset.
void addDocumentToDocuemntSet()
// Get the existing file
SPFile spfile = web.GetFile(“http://SPSite:8080/Lists/DemoLib/abc.txt”);
byte[] documentBytes = new byte[spfile.TotalLength];
if (spfile.Exists)
FileStream fs = new FileInfo(spfile.url).OpenRead()
fs.Read(documentBytes, 0, (int)fi.Length);
//add the default document to your document set template
newDocumentSetTemplate.DefaultDocuments.Add(spfile.Name, web.ContentTypes["Document"].Id, documentBytes);

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