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Creating a SharePoint 2010 External Content Type with CRUD Methods using LINQ and a SQL LOB System

Synopsis:First, this lab builds on an article I saw on MSDN which discussed how to create an External List using Business Data. I noticed that they showed methods for the code but showed no foundation or a Use Case, nor did it discuss the LOB System and how the class entity relationship is defined. In this Lab/Demo we will show a SQL LOB system which holds Personnel data. Imagine if you will, a system such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Dynamics, etc.  Imagine also that this LOB system is the Source of Record for your organization for things such as Human Resource related data which may be consumed by Active Directory, Sales, Marketing, Finance(Payroll) etc.  How can we surface that data in a Read, Create, Update and Delete fashion maintaining fidelity and ease of use?  here is how… FirstCheck out your Database and pay special to the Columns which will be your fields in your Class Definition, also document your data types.Create a Visual Studio Project using the Business Data Connectivity Model Te…