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SharePoint 2007 vs SharePoint 2010

Everything on this page is contained in Microsoft documentation, on the Microsoft website, on MSDN, on Technet, or in the Microsoft webcasts and presentations. As you can imagine it is placed in multiple pages, across multiple documents, and some of it is contained within specific Microsoft presentations. My goal with this page is to just have all of the comparison information in one place. Note: I have used symbols here instead of images so it’s easier to copy and paste into a document or another location. So they may not look as nice, but you can use things like find and replace, as well as filter the values if you merge the tables. Quick Links: Sites | Communities | Content | Search | Insights | Composites | Office 2010 | Architecture | Web Services/OM |Editions | Administration Legend: ○= Feature Included ●= Improved In Office Sharepoint Server 2010 ☻= New In Office Sharepoint Server 2010