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Integrating Sharepoint 2010 and SQL Reporting Services 2008

There are only 6 main steps to achieve this task assuming you already have an instance of SQL Server Reporting Services and Sharepoint 2010. I had created this starting from a clean installation of SQL Reporting Services so this guide will discuss the steps on configuring your SQL Reporting Services 2008 for integration with Sharepoint 2010. Step 1 : Configuring SQL Reporting Services – Web Service URL. Simply go to Reporting Services Configuration Manager and choose Web Service URL and populate the following needed information. The fields are named properly so I guess theres no need for further explanation.  What this does is that it configures the IIS for you depending on what Virtual Directory names you had declared
Step 2 : Configuring SQL Reporting Services – Create a Report Database Same here fields need no further explanation except for one which is Native Mode and Sharepoint Integrated mode which I will explain below. Choose create a database or if you already have one choose a…