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SharePoint Upload Size Limit on Server 2008 – IIS 7

MOSS Upload Size and TImeout Issue A funny thing happens when you go to central admin and change the web app settings to a higher setting while running MOSS on Server 2008. It would appear you get an error whenever any file over 28MB’s is uploaded even if you changed this setting in the web app settings all the way up to 2GB’s.  The security built into 2008 is at fault here.  When you make the changes in the web app settings they do not get transfered to the web.config automatically.  So you must manully update the web.config for all web apps needing this change and update the web.config in the 12 hive as well. In the 12 hive we need this change.  This is the web.config file in the templates gallery. Change the web config for all web apps that need the change