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Site Themes in SharePoint 2010

In SharePoint Server 2010 (SharePoint Foundation 2010 doesn’t support this option) we have a very nice feature to create our own site theme very quickly using the “Site theme” settings page.
But we have a little problem with these settings: we can change the “Text/Background – Dark 1″ or “Accent 5″ but we don’t really know what “Accent 5″ is… So I want to start there a post with mapping of settings in the Site theme settings page. I will start with the basic settings of backgrounds and most useful fonts and I will be glad if you will leave comments with mappings that I missed. General Settings:
Text/Background – Dark 1 – Quick launch links and site text font color. Text/Background – Light 1 – Site Actions Font color + Page background Text/Background – Dark 2 – Top row background (row with Site Actions and other links), Quick Launch headers, Bread crumb links, sub-window title, headers font color in the Content editor Markup styles. Text/Background – Light 2 – Logo’s row and Quick Launch co…