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InfoPath - Get the current user

I've just readIP team blog postabout getting the current user's details using Web Services. Actually the exact same result can be achieved without writing any code. It's a very common thing to do and I couldn't find any guide for that, so here it is:
* If you are already familiar with this, this post might still be useful. I have included the complete set of default properties get returned and their proper naming syntax at the bottom.
* This works at InfoPath as well as InfoPath Forms Services.
*Clayton Cobb has a great follow up post if you to take the this a step further. With InfoPath opened go to Tools > Data Connections, and click 'add...' to add a new data connection to the form. This opens up the Data Connection Wizard.We want to receive data from the WS about the current user, so choose receive data' and click next.Our data source is a WS so choose 'Web Service' and next.Now you will have to point the wizard to the WS. Type an address similar…