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Custom Form Base Login Web Part With Sharepoint 2010

In my Last Post, I talked about creating a Form based authentication web application with Active Directory LDAP. After implementing that you have surely noticed that, when you try to sign in after creating a site collection from FBA web application, you get the following sign in page: Surely, it does not look pretty at all. So, you might want to change this default login page. In order to do this, first let us create an empty SharePoint project in Visual Studio 2010. After that, add an application page by right click-selecting “Add New Item” and you will get like the following window in Solution Explorer: Notice that, when you add any application page to your project, Visual Studio automatically creates aLayouts folder. To keep things simple enough for your understanding, you may keep your application page under a folder where you might name it as same as your project like the figure above. Now, add a reference for Microsoft.SharePoint.IdentityModel in your project. Open the applicat…