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What is Timer Job In sharepont 2010

Timer Jobs are recurring background processes that are managed by SharePoint. If you navigate to the Central Administration site, click on the Monitoring link from the main page, and then choose the Review job definitions link under the Timer Jobs section, then you’ll see a list of scheduled timer job instances. Notice that I did not say a list of timer jobs, but rather a list of scheduled timer job instances. Unfortunately, the term ‘Timer Job’ in SharePoint is a bit too general. A timer job really consists of three parts: Timer Job Definitions, Timer Job Instances, and Timer Job Schedules.

A timer job definition is a .NET class that inherits from the SPJobDefinition class and defines the execution logic of the Timer Job. Since it is just a .NET class, the Timer Job Definition has all of the things that you would expect a class to have: properties, methods, constructors, etc. A timer job instance, as you may have guessed, is an object instance of the .NET Timer Job Definition class.…