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SharePoint 2013 - Access Services

Table of Contents OverviewPrerequisites Configuring SQL Server for Access Services Security modeSetting the SQL Server Enable Contained Databases, Allow Triggers to Fire Others, and Default Language propertiesProtocols setupIIS Application Pool Load User Profile SettingDatabase backup Configure Access Services Basic Configuration StepsHow to complete the basic configuration steps Enabling required servicesCreating a site collectionSetting Permissions on the siteGenerating Secure Store Security Service key Access AppsSee Also
Overview NB! This Wiki is  based on a previously released white note paper outlining Access Services 2013.
Access Services in SharePoint Server 2013 allows people to host Access databases in SharePoint within the context of an Access app. Access apps for SharePoint are new in SharePoint Server 2013 and you will build them using the Access 2013 desktop client.  You can create, edit, and update linked Access 2013 databases and then view them directly from th…